I'm a user interface designer and developer at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.  I also work on several side projects including Kizoom, and brainSCANr.

The Adventures of Ned the Neuron

The Adventures of Ned The Neuron

The Adventures of Ned the Neuron is a kid-friendly, critically acclaimed cross-platform HTML5 app for mobile learning. This project's aim was to take a complex topic such as Neuroanatomy and make it accessible and fun for elementary school aged kids.  I used web technologies in an attempt to "write once, run anywhere." 

It Leverages cutting edge JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 with native API hooks for immersive educational interactions: cinema-quality sound, accelerometer-driven balance game, hardware-accelerated compass-driven “360 degree view” feature.

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May, 2011

trailmix is a tool for curating and consuming rich media for online higher education. This highly functional prototype allows instructors to easily create educational narratives: collections of online resources--videos, images, and text--arranged in a way that allows students to explore topics in a logically ordered way rather than from a list of links. The tool guides instructors through the process of creating logical, cohesive, and attractive lessons that can replace or supplement existing course reading and lectures. Students can access the lessons online (even on an iPad), and experience a guided, unified learning experience.

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brainSCANr screenshot


January 2011

The goal of neuroscience is to discover the relationships between brain, behavior, and disease. Using the Brain Systems, Connections, Associations, and Network Relationships (brainSCANr) engine, neuroscientists and the public alike can explore the relationships between neuroscience terms in peer reviewed publications. This project is a collaboration between my husband, a PhD in Neuroscience and myself. My roles include system designer, data modeler, developer, front-end coder, and user interface/experience designer.

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Girl Scouts of Northern California Website

Girl Scouts of Northern California

The Girl Scouts of Northern California is a local organization of Girl Scouts with 50,000 girl members, 31,000 adult members and 150 staff. During my 5 years with the Girl Scouts I had many roles, web designer, web developer, system designer, user interface designer, graphic designer, database manager, staff trainer, and even occasionally videographer. I’d like to focus here on the projects I’m most proud of: the Cookie Booth Finder, the Design of their current website, online volunteer training, and a custom content management system.

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MUSE: an enhanced art museum experience

MUSE is the working title of a system designed for art museums to create, organize, and publish authoritative content to augment their physical museum collections, and for visitors to interact with the content in a novel way using a mobile phone. My role in this project included stakeholder analysis, rapid ethnography, and system design. Although the product does not yet exist, the process by which we designed this system showcases my ability to design innovative, focused and useful systems that solve problems

Information System Design Stakeholder Analysis Rapid Ethnography Project Management

Anmo: Mobile Web Annotation

This project’s main goals were to create a useable interface for annotating web pages on a mobile phone. My role in the project includedgraphic design, user interface design, low-fi prototyping, and Fennec (mobile Firefox) browser extension development.

UI Design User Testing Contextual Inquiry Prototyping HTML CSS JavaScript Webkit Extension Development